Activities in the field of art

Work Experiences

2016~Present Co-founder, LOVOT LAB in Seoul, Korea
01.12.2016~28.02.2017 Art Director of UX/UI, ECONN biz in Seoul, Korea


Sommer/2017~Present Lecturer, Digital Media Design, Hongik University
[Physical Media(1), 2018SS]
[Physical Media(2), 2018SS]
[Physical Media(3), 2018SS]
[Media Art, 2018SS]
[Digital MakersLab(1), 2017WS]
[Digital MakersLab(2), 2017WS]
[Media Art, 2017SS]
[Interaction Design Studio I, 2017SS]
Winter/2017 Lecturer, Visual Communication Design, Hongik University
[Introduction to computer graphics(1), 2017WS]
[Introduction to computer graphics(2), 2017WS]
Winter/2016 Lecturer, Graduate School of Communication Design, Hongik University
– [Media Art, 2016WS]

Winter/2016~Present Lecturer, Transart, Yeungnam University
[Interactive Art, 2018SS]
[Software Research, 2017WS]
[Design and Technologe, 2017WS]
[Interactive Art, 2017SS]
– [Software Research, 2016WS]

Winter/2016 ~ Winter/2017Lecturer, Digital Design, Catholic University of Daegu
[Digital Animation, 2017WS]
[Motion Graphics I, 2017SS]
– [Digital Contents Design, 2016WS]

21. Mar 2016 Thema: Media Art of Germany, Hongik University

Project assistant

– Technical support, 2014 – 2015 by Tim Otto Roth
Projects: Heaven’s Carousel (2014-15), Aura Calculata (2014 – 15), Sterea skia (2015)

– Project support as graduate assistant, 2011 – 2015 by Prof. Heide Hagebölling Eisenbeis at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany
Projects: Austerlitz (2011), Die unsichtbaren Städte (2011 – 12), John Cage: How do you know i like mushrooms (2012), Twirling Dust Symmetrically (2012), Electronic Gate Cologne (2013), Inner mind Architecture (2013), Raum Erfahren (2014), New Babel (1992, 2014 – 15)

Support for art projects

– Kontakt (2016), Donghee Huh
Programming: Interactive Video Controller
Technique: Arduino with Ultrasensor, Max/msp/jitter

– MISE-EN-SCÈNE (2015), Gonzalo Rodriguez
Creative support: Laser cutting for 3 houses from acrylic glass

– Rom (2013 – 15), Philipp Goldbach
Programming: binary code reader with LCD display module
Technique: Arduino with LCD module

– The Ligeti machine (2014), Youngiik Jung
Programming: Electronically controlled piano
Technique: Arduino with 12 dc-motors and 24 switches, change of direction with relay

– Factory≠Farm (2011 – 12), Hörner / Antlfinger
: First take care of the kids (2012), Installation
Website: http://h–
Programming: Electronically controlled toy rooster
Technique: Arduino with servomotor and signal sender / receiver with Xbee-wireless modules

Website for art projects (Design, Programming)